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Go green with a leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, BEQ Technology.

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The shift to electric vehicles is underway. Green energy is proving to be instrumental in ensuring a prosperous future.

At the heart of this industrial and social transformation is BEQ Technology.
Developing state-of-the-art charging products, a leading innovator is BEQ Technology. Whether you’re an electric vehicle owner looking for a personal charging station or a company that strives to be part of the shift to electric energy, the solutions for you are with BEQ Technology.

Be part of the change with BEQ Technology!


To help individuals and businesses to connect to green energy, one charging station at a time.

To offer turnkey green energy charging station solutions by one of the largest networks of certified electrical contractors.


To become the largest developer and installer of innovative green energy charging station solutions.


To contribute to protecting the environment by participating in the electrification of transportation with high-performance charging station solutions delivered with the utmost customer satisfaction.

Who we are?

A leader in sales of electric charging stations, BEQ Technology is the largest network of professional electrical installers in Canada. Our goal is to offer high-quality products equipped with the latest technology on the market. Combined with unparalleled installation services, our reputation over the years has proven to be unmatched.